Rithmic Data Technology

Rithmic Data Technology provides the speed, reliability, and functionality needed for superior trading. As a convenience to our clients, this fast trade execution is included with all trading accounts at no extra cost because this is the Rithmic standard.


Rithmic was built for speed, both in terms of disseminating market data and order routing. Originally built for institutions and black box traders, this powerful trading engine is now available to all traders.


The Rithmic trading engine has 24-hour network, trading software, and hardware monitoring by some of the industry’s leading engineers. In addition, redundancies in every area were created for unmatched reliability.

Unfiltered Data

Market volatility creates opportunity, but for some trading systems, it creates problems. Rithmic’s advanced technology provides unfiltered tick data, which allows traders to view how the markets are actually trading. Isn’t it time to see the market the way it was supposed to be seen?