3rd Party Platform Add-Ons

Trade Futures 4 Less offers 3rd party trading platform add-ons. These high performance trading platforms provides futures traders the necessary features and tools to execute their trades efficiently.

RithmicCQG, and CTS data technology provides low-latency, reliable exchange connectivity, and fast order routing through industry leading front-end platforms.

  • S5 BookMap

  • $49Monthly
    • Execution Fee: $0.10- $0.25/Contract
    • Data Technology:  Rithmic | CQG
    • Futures | Spreads
    • Streaming Real Time Data
      Volume & Order Flow
      Large Lot Trader
      Volume Imbalance
      Order Book Imbalance
      Iceberg Detector
      Change In The Liquidity

  • TradeSniper

  • $50Monthly
    • Execution Fee: $0.50/Contract
    • Data Technology:  CTS
    • Futures | Spreads
    • Streaming Real Time Data
      Custom Spread Quotes
      Custom Spread Charts
      Market Profile of Custom Spreads
      Open Leg Ladders With Single Click
      Market History for Custom Spreads
      Backout Parameters Protection

  • Advanced TS

  • $74Monthly
    • Execution Fee: $0.25 – $0.50/Contract
    • Data Technology:  Rithmic | CQG | CTS
    • Futures | Spreads
    • Streaming Real Time Data
      Volume Analysis
      Volume Market Profile
      Advanced Technical Analysis
      Spread Charts
      Alternative Time Frames
      Analysis of Historical Data

  • Jigsaw Trading

  • $579Monthly
    • Execution Fee: $0.25/Contract
    • Data Technology:  Rithmic | CQG |
    • Futures | Spreads
    • Streaming Real Time Data
      Depth & Sales
      Reconstructed Tape
      Summary Tape
      Strength Meters
      Auction Vista Heatmap