While most quote feeds on the Internet provide a snapshot of real-time data, iQFeed provides a TRUE, tick-by-tick data feed. This data feed is completely unfiltered, allowing you to see EVERY TRADE that occurs in real-time. Because many symbols trade dozens of times per second, you could be missing more than 50% of the actual trades with your current data feed!

Technology Traders Can Depend On

Fast Unfiltered Streaming Real Time Quotes:

While other quote feeds resell data from 3rd parties, all domestic quote data in iQFeed is direct from each exchange. iQFeed data feeds are the fastest because iQFeed eliminates the middleman.


iQFeed owns and manages their data centers. iQFeed primary data center doesn’t rely on third parties or co-location facilities. By controlling iQFeed’s fully redundant systems, iQFeed is able to react before an outage occurs.

Optimized for Traders:

iQFeed’s internal ticker plant doesn’t filter any data. Many 3rd party quote vendors don’t have the infrastructure and bandwidth to handle today’s high volume market. iQFeed’s Quad Redundant ticker plant was built with today’s technology. This means you get the fastest, most complete and reliable data feed available.


iQFeed Will Save Traders Money

Globex Non-Pro Exchange Fees:

As an active trader, you have the option to reduce your exchange fees. Learn how you can reduce your CME exchange fees by using iQFeed.

Free Streaming Real Time News:

Unlike the competition, iQFeed provides free streaming real time news from 4 newswires with all of iQFeed’s streaming real time quotes packages.

Comprehensive Data

Broad Market Coverage:

iQFeed covers the Futures, Equities, Options, Forex, and Indexes.

Deep Historical Data:

Access up to 120 days of tick data, several years of intraday minute data, and 10+ years of daily data.

Over 500 Market Statistics:

Get over five hundred market statistics and breadth indicators updating every second such as TICK and TRIN many which update every second! Most competitors update at intervals of five seconds or more making it harder to get an instant read on the direction of the market.

Level II and Market Depth:

Optional Level II and Market Depth data.

Free 24/5 Support:

iQFeed offers customer support from staff trained on the needs of professional traders.

Real Time Index Quotes:

Stay up to date with streaming real time market index quotes.