iQFeed CME Waiver

Eliminate up to $361 per month on your CME Group Globex exchange fees!

By using the iQFeed streaming real time quotes service through your trading platform you can reduce as much as $361 per month on CME Group Globex exchange fees if you are eligible for the Globex Non-Pro fees.

Any or all of the following exchange fees can be reduced provided you have a qualifying live funded trading account:

  • CME – $91 per month
  • NYMEX – $91 per month
  • CBOT – $91 per month
  • COMEX – $91 per month

Globex Non-Pro Level I data:

Bundle and Save! Subscribe to all Level I Globex Non-Pro Exchange Fees for just $3 per month! Total Savings = $361 per month!

  • CME – $1 per month
  • CBOT – $1 per month
  • NYMEX – $1 per month
  • COMEX – $1 per month
  • All 4 – Just $3 per month!

Globex Non-Pro Level II data:

Bundle and Save! Subscribe to all Level II Globex Non-Pro Exchanges for $15 per month! Total Savings = $329 per month!*

  • CME – $5 per month
  • CBOT – $5 per month
  • NYMEX – $5 per month
  • COMEX – $5 per month
  • All 4 – Just $15 per month!

*Market Depth for $20 per month required for Level II data


What do I get with the Globex Non-Pro Fees?

You will receive access to real time CME Group Globex data for the Globex Non-Pro Fees you select. For the majority of iQFeed customers, this will include the E-minis from CME, CBOT and/or Nymex. You just pay the iQFeed service fees and the Globex Non-Pro Fees of your choosing! The rest of the iQFeed service will be unchanged. In other words, you will still get the fastest, most reliable, tick by tick data available. You will still get real time news, over 500 market breadth/stats symbols and years of intraday historical data.

What if I want data other than CME Group Globex data?

No problem! You just need to pay the exchange fees for other exchanges or non-globex data and you will receive this data in real time as well. As always, any data you don’t choose to receive in real time will still be available to you delayed at no extra charge (unless the exchange charges a delayed exchange fee).

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