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Trade Navigator | Rithmic | CQG

Trade Navigator powered by Rithmic and CQG data technology is an advanced trading software that takes immense quantities of complex data and distills it down to what really matters. Through complex analysis, Trade Navigator converts large amounts of data into clear signals traders can understand at a glance. Trade Navigator offers “trade-from-the-chat” management console along with an array of hundreds of custom indicators and strategies.

Server co-location is available for traders wanting closer proximity and lower latency connection though a Dedicated Trading Server, or Virtual Private Server.

Trade Navigator Platform Fee

  • Standard – $0

  • Gold – $495

  • Platinum – $1,495

Trade Navigator Data Package

  • Streaming Futures – $89/month

Data Technology Fee

  • Rithmic – $0/Month + $0.25/Contract

  • CQG – $10/Month + $0.05/Contract

Main Features

  • Hundreds of custom indicators and strategies from master traders to help traders leverage the power of the professionals.

  • Streaming data packages offer real-time quotes for futures.

  • Trade directly from the chart and/or from a price ladder trade manager.

  • Alerts on news, prices, drawing tools, and technical analysis studies.

  • Easily chart historical tick data.

  • Instand reply a desired trading session.

  • Create unique filters based on research.

  • Vast array of drawing tools to annotate a chart

Charting and Technical Analysis

  • TradeSense, a proprietary code, enables traders to develop strategies using simple English-like statements and recognizable trading terms.

  • Over 100 indicators, studies, highlights bars, templates and pages to help get traders started.

  • Scan market data based on custom filters and selected criteria.

  • The ability to automate data export into CSI, METASTOCK, CSV (EXCEL, etc.), and ASCII files.

Chart Indicators

  • Drawing tools and the added functionality to chart your equity curve.

  • Charting window and quote board is completely detachable.

  • Includes extensive tick data history that’s ultra clean.

  • Create custom set up filters and scan automatically.

Price Ladder (DOM)

  • Advanced order functionality including single click trade execution is provided in the platform.

  • Create multiple quote boards in three different styles for added flexibility when monitoring markets.

  • Create templates based on their own research and import templates from other traders as well.

  • Ability to easily select the desired symbol, specify a trading period and “Instantly Replay” the trading session.