QST Mobile

Quick Screen Trading (QST) Mobile powered by Rithmic and CQG data technology offers real-time streaming quotes, advanced order entry capabilities, news, world-class charting, and analytic. Employing an intuitive and easy-to-use design it was developed with feedback from professional traders. QST Mobile delivers reliability, accuracy, usability and high performance. Supported devices: Black Berry, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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Quick Screen Trading Platform Fee

  • Mobile – $60/Month


  • Quotes Monitor offers a highly customizable quote montage that provides detailed quote information organized into multiple pages with user-defined titles.

  • Advanced Symbol Search capabilities assist you in finding the correct symbol to compose any kind of contract in your Quotes Monitor. A Contract Details view will offer you complete info on any contract available in your Quotes Monitor.

  • Full screen charts offering a wide selection of tools, settings and programmable indicators.

  • Price Ladder offers a real-time market depth view that highlights your relevant portfolio data in an interactive fashion.

  • Price Alarms can be set on any quote with various conditions and alerting modes. Real-time news from Dow Jones, Reuters and LaSalle Street comes with advanced search capabilities, related linkage and a context-based coloring scheme.

  • Save your Settings at your office or at home and seamlessly continue working on the road, whether you are using QST Desktop, QST Lite or QST Mobile.