CQG Integrated Client

CQG Integrated Client is a high-performing platform used by professional traders for decades and their platform of choice. Traders can count on the platform’s reliable performance and innovative trading interface complete with accurate global market data, professional analytics and advanced order routing.

CQG Platform Fee

  • CQG Integated Client – $845/Month

Data Technology Fee

  • CQG – $0/Month + $0.00/Contract


Order Routing Tools

  • Multi-legged, intermarket, intramarket, and exchange-traded spreads can be created, traded, and managed

  • Orders for outrights and spreads based on yields

  • Two depth-of-market order book views of the electronic exchanges

  • A trade routing application that can be attached to any CQG application, such as a quote board or chart

  • CQG’s server-side order routing gateways manage where you get filled when you trade similar instruments on two or more exchanges

  • Charts include a trade routing tool and order management window

  • Spreadsheet trading with over two hundred market data elements available, including order routing

  • Synthetic and exchange-traded spreads can be monitored and traded from two customizable, matrix-style quote displays

  • One order routing tool minimizes use of screen real estate

  • CQG and custom study values and condition alerts can be displayed on the DOMTrader

Consolidated Market Data

  • High-speed, real-time, and historical market data from over one hundred global sources

  • Foreign exchange, fixed income, energy, derivatives, equities, single stock futures, and OTC markets

  • Different styles of quote displays

  • Cost-effective, scalable market data management and delivery

  • Dedicated data quality staff in five locations across the globe covering the US, Europe, and Asia

  • Sophisticated symbol search


  • Computer-readable news: key US, Canadian, and European economic releases

  • Comprehensive Dow Jones Newswires, The Hightower Report, MarketG2 News, Market News International, and Need to Know News

  • Innovative display

  • Powerful search and filtering features

  • Dynamic design supporting secure delivery of proprietary customer feeds

Decision-Making Tools

  • State-of-the-art charting and analytics

  • Numerous chart styles, including CQG’s exclusive TFlow

  • Portfolio and Instrument Monitors

  • Exclusive tools designed for today’s electronic markets

  • Over one hundred basic and custom studies

  • Custom formula builder

  • Various types of alerts

  • Powerful trade system design and backtesting features

  • Advanced options strategies analytics

CQG Integrated Client User Guide