MultiCharts.NET Demo Setup

Demo Account Setup Instructions:

  1. Register for a 30 Day MultiCharts.NET Trial

  2. Download MultiCharts.NET

  3. When first launching the software (double click on the icon on your desktop), you will be able to continue your trial or register for the full version.

  4. File -> New -> QuoteManager. Main menu select Tools and then click Data Sources.

  5. Select Rithmic 01 in the list of all supported data vendors then click the Settings button.

  6. In the opened up window: Rithmic 01 Data Feed Configuration:

    Enter Login and Password.

    SSL certificates path is set up by default.

  7. Connectivity section.

    Select the Deployments: Rithmic Paper Trading

    Do not change default connection settings in this section.

    The Reset button nearby Deployment is to restore correct connection settings.

  8. Re-connection Settings section.

    Configure timer to reconnect if connection to Rithmic is lost.

  9. Click HERE to see the video tutorial on how to connect Rithmic 01 Broker Profile