CME Group Membership

CME Membership is a flexible, cost-effective alternative for high volume traders and electronic proprietary trading groups of CME futures products. Program participants will be eligible for reduced Globex clearing and exchange fees for all CME E-mini Index Futures, and  FX Currency Futures. CME membership enables you to trade specific products at reduced rates and lower fees.

Whether you are trading E-mini Index Futures, or FX Currency Futures, the CME Exchange fees and Globex fees are likely to be the most expensive part of your transaction. At $1.16/side for an E-mini Index or $1.60/side for a FX Currency contract, the CME Exchange fees are probably greater than your commissions and platform charges. As a CME member, you do not pay any NFA fees and enjoy reduced exchange fees.

Summary of CME Fees Per Side

Non Member Member Owner Member Lease ECM IIP
E-mini Index $1.16 $0.35 $0.47 $0.50 $0.51
FX Currency $1.60 $0.32 $0.52 $0.44 $0.54

Cost Analysis

The following table indicate the amount that would be saved each month compared to non-member fees based on the Average Daily Round Turns (ADRT’s) in the left column. The savings is net of the required lease costs at the rate of $350 per month.

Avg. Daily R/T




















































































Qualifications for CME Group Membership

Any adult of good moral character, reputation and business integrity, with adequate financial resources to assume the responsibilities and privileges of membership, is eligible for election to membership in the Exchange. Once approved for membership, an individual may purchase or lease a seat in the appropriate CME Division.

Individual Member Application

  • You must submit an application for CME Membership, which includes questions on your educational, employment, residential and disciplinary history. The application form must be typewritten, filed with a $2,000 non-refundable fee, and include two 2″ x 2″ passport-quality color photographs and either a certified birth certificate or passport.

  • Your name will be sent to all CME members, and your photograph will be posted on the trading floor. During this posting period, members are encouraged to notify the CME Membership Department if they have any pertinent information about you.

  • Additionally, the NFA must grant you a registration as either a floor broker or a floor trader, or a temporary license to act as such, before you can begin trading on the CME trading floor (does not apply to Globex traders).

Leasing a Seat

  • Individuals who own, hold, or have owned or held memberships in any division in the past two years cannot participate in the ECM Program.

  • Leasing a seat is a two step process. First, you must apply for and be approved for an Individual CME Membership ($2,000 application fee). After membership is approved, you must enter a lease agreement with a seat holder. The lease arrangement is normally coordinated with your clearing firm.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Membership

  • Can execute trades in: Any contract listed at CME

  • Number of memberships: 625

International Monetary Market (IMM) Membership

  • Can execute trades in: Equity Futures, FX Futures, and Financial Futures and all IMM and IOM futures and all options on futures contracts.

  • Trading floor badge: Green Number of memberships: 813

Index and Option Market (IOM) Membership

  • Can execute trades in: Equity Futures, Random Length Lumber Futures, options on futures contracts, and all GEM products.

  • Number of memberships: 1,287

Growth and Emerging Market (GEM) Membership

  • Can execute trades in: Various products, including those related to emerging market countries

  • Number of memberships: 413

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